ISO 27001

An ISO 27001 Certification or an arrangement of your association with ISO 27001/ISO 27002 makes it provable that your association consistently controls data security cycles and that you guarantee the classification, honesty and accessibility of business-basic data. The ISO 27001 security standard likewise adds to the ceaseless checking and improvement of your business processes.

Moreover, it permits your association to demonstrate towards your clients and different partners (for example investors) that you have gone to adequate lengths as far as data security and protection.

Do you wish to acquire your ISO 27001 Certification? Is there a need to have all/some data security controls as characterized in ISO 27002 executed? clipeum is the accomplished manual for help you.

We know how to convey and how to function with your whole association such that it is reasonable and substantial for each and every staff individual from your association. Security, HR, finance and lawful, … Everyone is involved to guarantee that the administrations we convey are completely understood and upheld by everybody in your association.

Along these lines, we guarantee a solid positive effect in your association, and we exhibit that this data security practice is definitely not a one-time work out. We generally have the mean to find the ideal blend of layouts, apparatuses, studios and preparing to get your association ISO 27001 Certified or adjusted.

What’s more, we stress that the reason it not exclusively to acquire the ISO 27001 accreditation or to adjust your association to ISO 27001, yet, most importantly, setting up the essential constructions to make your organization less powerless against the many dangers connected to the computerized time.


  • Making a guide, and directing your organization through the ISO 27001 Certification project or ISO 27001 arrangement project (beginning from project plan, over a security output and setting up a gamble register, up to executing the ISO 27001 necessities and ISO 27002 controls and circling back to the characterized activity plans), considering the supporting ISO 27000 guidelines, for example, ISO 27017 and ISO 27018.
  • Growing new, or streamlining existing approaches and best practices in capacity of ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 consistence.
  • Playing out a pre-review on the self-evaluation performed at your association considering an arranged 27001 Certification review, to ensure that you conform to all prerequisites and that you can pass the certificate review with certainty.
  • Setting up the necessary inner review program and, whenever required, helping with the execution of the inside reviews (before the ISO 27001 Certification or potentially in the period after the accreditation is accomplished).
  • Directing your organization and, where fitting, supporting during the various phases of the genuine 27001 Certification review by a perceived accreditation body.
  • Directing and supporting your organization in the development of the distinguished non-similarities subsequent to acquiring the 27001 declaration, considering the yearly subsequent review and the third re-certificate review.
  • Directing and supporting your organization towards consistence with the NIS[1] mandate, utilizing ISO 27001, ISO 22301 and ISO 27035 as reference guidelines.


Do you jump at the chance to give data security the vital need inside your association? Do you additionally prefer to safeguard your association against the dangers of the advanced time, for example, information breaks and hacks? Do you get a kick out of the chance to carry out the characterized measures in an organized manner and have this (alternatively) affirmed by a 27001 accreditation? Then, at that point, we are glad to present to you a visit.

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