Yardi reached a new milestone in Dubai by announcing integration between the award-winning Voyager 7S property management platform, and EJARI, a regional real estate reporting system.

EJARI is a system that is governed by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency to make registration of rental, and lease agreements easy and accessible to owners and managers of real estate.

EJARI registration is mandatory for any real estate rental contracts in the Emirate of Dubai, including commercial and residentialfree-hold and non-freehold properties.

The new integration is designed to speed up the process of the issuance and renewal of EJARI tenancy contracts, by digitally updating rental information between EJARI and Voyager. The process is paperless, improving sustainability.

Historically, companies would have to login to the EJARI portal and update all of the information manually. This manual process was both time consuming and prone to errors.

The EJARI interface is available to Yardi clients in Dubai as part of the Voyager suite at no additional cost.

“We are very pleased to announce this development, serving to further demonstrate our commitment to work closely with our clients and local regulatory bodies,” comments Neal Gemassmer, vice president of international for Yardi.

“We are excited to continue to align our development efforts with the Dubai 2020 vision, that includes the digitization of real estate services to help drive efficiencies, increase customer experience and deliver business improvement.”


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