WhatsApp is pretty much on the verge of being able to do everything. From group calling to blocking spam messages, the extremely popular app is always on the verge of rolling out a new feature that will make life a little bit easier for its users.

Now, WhatsApp is testing out an easy payment feature so users can send and receive money securely. Several screengrabs from Gizmo Times reveal that payments made through the app will be done via UPI.

Since the feature is still in the beta stage, it is only showing the list of banks as well as the bank account that is linked. It does not let an account get added. Yet.

The new feature shows up in the list of Attachments alongside Documents, Gallery, Audio, Location, and Contact. Tapping on ‘Payment’ redirects you to a screen where you can link your UPI account. If you don’t have a UPI account yet, you’ll have to make one.

According to their report, the payment feature is in the final stage of integration and testing. When implemented, it can become one of the easiest ways to send and receive money.


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