Redback Spider

An Emirati man in Ras Al Khaimah twice stumbled across the redback spider, one of the most poisonous inspects, at his home in the Northern Emirate.

Mohammed Al Amiri said he contacted the RAK Municipality, which sent a team to clean up the place in the mountainous Ghaleela area, adding that more such spiders could be there.

He told ‘Emarat Al Youm’ daily that he found one just near his house while another spider was found by his children while playing in the garden.

“More red spiders could be in this area as they could get out of their holes because of the high temperatures,” he said.

The redback spider is a venomous spider that is indigenous to Australia. The female is larger than the male as its body is about 1 centimetre long. The male’s body is about 3 millimetres long.

The redback spider’s bite can be very painful and dangerous to people, because it can inject venom through its fangs.


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