Well-worn advice to ‘wear prints in summer’ is not only vague, but lazy. Menswear is, after all, awash with a multitude of different prints and patterns that encompasses everything from food packaging to the animal kingdom. So endorsements like “umm, yeah, prints man” from your local men’s fashion week hanger-on is just plain unhelpful (and annoyingly unclear).

So we’ve asked the menswear gurus to share their secrets for putting prints into play. But first, a few words on how the big-name brands are doing it…

On The Runway

Not all designers took their cue from fine art. Christopher Kane co-opted the white noise of a broken television and applied it across everything from long sheer raincoats to oversized box tees and joggers. Varying thicknesses and lines were used but his message was clear: white noise is more than just a loose input wire.


Caught Short

“Printed shorts let you channel this season’s colourways without requiring too much thought,” stylist Jenna Riddle explains. “A tailored cut that finishes above the knee is a flattering choice that is a quick sartorial fix.”

Fancy getting more bang for your buck? Invest in printed tailored swim shorts that can double up in your everyday wardrobe – and remember that the same rules apply.


Getting Shirty

The all-over print pyjama suits we see on runways don’t always translate well to the everyday, which is why you should pick a focal piece and surround it with neutral hues.

“The shark collar is bang on-trend this season,” says Mr Porter’s Style Director Olie Arnold. “Wear it on its own, or layered with a clean white T-shirt underneath, à la Gucci.”

Arnold’s no. 1 rule? “Wear with confidence.”



Just as the bomber jacket hits peak saturation, brands are repurposing the old-school MA-1 by splicing it with recent trends – one of which being florals.

“The MA-1 bomber jacket was the first military-issued garment to cross over into mainstream, and has since been reworked by modern Japanese brands for an East-meets-West look,” explains Arnold.

“Pair with classic selvedge denim and your best blank canvas sneaks and you’ll easily counter the print overload.”

Available in a multitude of florals, checks and graphics, the printed bomber jacket is a go-to summer staple that’ll provide a punch of originality. Granted, there’s no guaranteed longevity in the piece, but all the trend boxes are definitely ticked.


Heavy Petal

Wearing head-to-toe floral tailoring is no mean feat. Yes, it might look great on the FROW of a Gucci show in the surrounds of Westminster Abbey, but not so much waiting on the platform at Westminster tube station.

“Unless you’re a celebrity, don’t even bother trying a fully floral suit,” says Martha Gill, International Fashion Executive at The Sunday Times Style. “Instead, let a subtly printed blazer provide the statement – nothing too garish but nothing too insipid either.”



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