The UAE’s Minister for Happiness has said she always chooses to “see the glass half full” and wants the rest of us to share her sentiments.

In an interview with CNN, Ohood Al Roumi said that keeping people happy benefits the growth of a country.

“Happiness is a serious job for any government, and for us in the UAE, happiness is very important,” said Al Roumi.
“What we are trying to achieve here is to create a real change, to create an authentic happiness for everyone in the society.”

Explaining how measuring happiness works for the government she said: “In 2011 the UN encouraged members to look at happiness as a holistic approach for development and encouraged them to look beyond measurements of the GDP development for welfare and prosperity.

“The role of our government is to create an environment where people can flourish, reach their potential and choose to be happy.
“Happiness is an internal choice, therefore creating knowledge is very important to help people make informed decisions in their life,” she added.

Al Roumi said that the UAE government is working on specific pillars to ensure the happiness of its people.

“We are working on a happy government through our policies, program, services and work environment.
“We can measure the happiness of customers, not just satisfaction.
“On an international level, there should be efforts from governments to develop insightful measurements of happiness that will help officials and leaders to make informed decisions to make their people happy,” she added.


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