You can’t really claim that you have seen the world unless you have Traveled the Orient. A lot of wonderful places are just waiting to be discovered in the Orient and seeing them for yourself would be a one of a kind experience.

First stop is Thailand and one of the best places to go and see here is Phuket. It is the country’s largest island and is full of amazing coastlines. Visiting these coastlines can take up most of the time you spend in the island but it is definitely worth it. Other things to do are sun bathing on their beautiful beaches, boat tours and doing some diving and other seaside activities. If you’ve taken in enough of the sun and the water, try visiting their museums such as the Thalang National Museum that exhibits the old way of life in Phuket. There are also an abundance of great restaurants where you can discover true Thai flavors.

Cebu, the Queen City of the South, is another place that’s wonderful to visit in the Orient. It is located in the Philippines and has the largest sea port in the country. Cebu’s 167 islets and islands are lined with pleasant white sandy beaches and pristine clear waters. This place also has wonderful diving grounds in the various resorts that offer luxurious accommodations. And just like in any major city, there are a lot of different forms of entertainment to enjoy. A lot of tourists who visit the city enjoy Philippine Adventures which is a package that takes visitors to places in Cebu and provides them with tickets for the most culturally rich shows available.

Halong and Bai Tu Long are two of the best places to visit when you reach Vietnam. Discover the river life of the Mekong Delta and learn about the floating village culture and natural environments. In Halong, enjoy a selection of fresh seafood, take part in boat watching, sunrise and sunset on board and swim on the phosphorescent water. When you travel the Orient you can be assured of a pleasant and memorable experience.


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