Asking which is their favorite destination is like asking an artist to name a favorite creation or asking a parent to name a favorite child.

Still, ship masters repeatedly visit ports of call, becoming familiar with not only the local waters but also with spectacular sights that can be seen from the ship as well as the culture and lifestyles they and their passengers experience on land, a release said.

With that in mind, here are 4 Captains’ Favorite cruise destinations.

1. French Polynesia

Captain Mariano Manfuso, Island Princess, Princess Cruises

“If I close my eyes, I can still remember the extraordinary sunsets of French Polynesia. Visiting these islands is a unique experience. The lure is not only the friendly Polynesian people but also the atmosphere, from the warmth of the air scented with tropical flowers to the romantic sunsets that indicate the end of another extraordinary day in these marvelous islands.”

Captain’s tip: “Bora Bora is the perfect place for diving and water safaris, an enchanting geological phenomenon.”

2. Sydney, Australia

Captain Dino Sagani, Golden Princess, Princess Cruises

“The way from the sea into Sydney Harbour is second to none – the white surf breaking onto the rocky Heads that mark the entrance, a natural welcome to the beautiful waters. When making the final approach to the Overseas Passenger Terminal, the beautiful Sydney Opera House on the Port Side and the majestic Harbour Bridge on the Starboard Side, it is just the perfect place. You dock in the middle of these two iconic monuments of such an amazing city.”

Captain’s tip: “It’s an easy 15-minute walk east of the terminal to the quiet glory of the Royal Botanic Gardens.”

3. Indonesia

Captain Hans Mateboer, Rotterdam, Holland America Line

“When I first went to sea, I sailed for one of those old and famous shipping lines on a regular run to Indonesia and other places in the Far East. I find myself now on the Rotterdam, after 30 years, going back to the same places. Much has changed but also a lot has stayed the same. Indonesia is a country which has a special place in my heart.”

Captain’s tip: “An unexplainable adventure there is the sunset. Seeing this huge warmth-generating star touch the horizon and seemingly stay there for a while, then disappear too soon, is a wonder that is unbelievably grand in its simplicity.”

4. Fort de France, Martinique

Captain Ignazio Giardina, Costa Favolosa, Costa Cruises

“Cruising in the Caribbean, Fort de France in Martinique is my favorite port, a relaxed and friendly place where you can experience the kindness and culture of the Creole people in a gorgeous and natural setting. The climate, food and the zouk (folk music) are all amazing.”

Captain’s tip: “There are many opportunities for water sports. I’ve personally enjoyed the ship’s excursions for snorkeling, diving, sailing and fishing – all delightful.”


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