Coffee shops are ubiquitous. Parisian coffee shops are some of the coziest coffee shops in the world. Providing a peaceful environment for studying or catching up with good friends, these coffee shops provide a temperate and inexpensive backdrop to do so.

The following coffee shops shine above them all

1. Laduree– Opening the door to any Parisian coffee shop will immediately teach you that Parisian coffee shops are very different from most American coffee shops. This coffee shop welcomes you with aromas of baked goods the moment you walk in. This shop is most famous for its delicious macaroons. The building itself is reminiscent of an old boutique, providing the perfect quaint environment for an evening cappuccino or tea. Prices are a bit higher than a typical coffee shop, but all loyal customers will agree that the experience is well worth the extra Euros.

2. Angelina– The diner’s rule of thumb for French restaurants is the longer the line, the better the food and service. Angelina is no exception. The wait is surprisingly brief, and once you are inside, you will be glad you exercised a bit of patience. In this beautifully decorated and intimate cafe, flavorful treats are served with the richest of teas. The hot chocolate is legendary, with loyal patrons describing it as, “rich” and “delicious.” In addition to serving wonderful teas and treats, Angelina offers delectable sandwiches as well.

3. Flora Danica– is quite possibly the closest to American coffee shop culture simply because it is quick. The coffee is freshly brewed and the service is superb. Flora Danica even offers brunch on Sundays. And as if great flavor and service were not enough, this cafe is modestly priced.

4. Cafe des Deux Magots– Another great past time of visiting the city of Paris is people- watching on a patio of a Parisian cafe. Cafe des Deux Magots has been hailed by the locals as one of the best venues in Paris for people- watching. Satre, Picasso, and Hemingway have all sat at this very cafe, so many people come here to observe and be inspired. In addition to delicious teas and coffee, this cafe also serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The best part about including any of these fine coffee shops on your next Parisian voyage is that they allow you to stop and smell the roses, so to speak. Too often, travel becomes a competition to hit the most tourist destinations and check off as many items on our itineraries, and we forget that the real point of traveling is to experience life and culture in a new place. Soak it all in at any Parisian coffee shop and truly enjoy your time in this great city.


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