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If you have ever once had the pleasure of seeing at a Rolls Royce Motor-Car, then you know the feeling. The amazing talents have since their beginnings endured to deliver nothing but excellence in every aspect of their vehicles. Introducing the RR Wraith.

Let us start by saying this. They were nice enough to let BAWS get hands on with their latest offering. The most powerful vehicle in their range and the “drivers car” of the lineup.

We decided to take it out on a long trip to get a feel for all of the amazing equipment and engineering that had gone into this superb piece of craftsmanship.

The Rolls Royce Wraith features the awesome turbocharged V-12 6.6 liter engine that puts out 624 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque. Weighs in at a mighty 2,360 kg but still gets us from 0-60 in 4.3 seconds. Some pretty incredible figures for this luxury super- coupe from the British. It looks right, feels right and most certainly PERFORMS right. It also comes with one of the most mesmerizing interiors you could possibly wish for in a car.

The layout is stunning with every surface and finish looking immaculate under any light. The “book matched” woodwork and select materials for each and every control are finished to the highest standards, as you’d expect for a car starting from a cool 1,250,000 AED. Here we must say you pay for what you get. Everything about this car is quality from the 8-speed satellite guided transmission to the piano finished paint job that RR is so well known for. The leather work is incredible and so are the carpets; surroundings in which your passengers can relax completely.

We personally think that the wraith is the most dynamic and fun RR to drive, with everyone in the car seated comfortably and the beautiful starlit headliner (which is our must have extra), you and your passengers will arrive to each destination invigorated and refreshed. Viewing the beautiful long bonnet with the Spirit Of Ecstasy in all of her glory you pause and think to yourself…This really is a special car.

More info about the Wraith over at RR.


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