While many of us take a multitude of factors into account when deciding where we take our holidays, it appears some Millenials target other priorities.

A recent survey of 1,000 18 to 33-year-olds by British insurance company Schofields found over 40 per cent of participants ticked ‘How Instagrammable the destination would be’ as their top motivator for choosing a destination.

So we thought, if any of you out there use social media photo opportunities as a travel guide, why not proffer a few location suggestions of our own?

1) Lahore, Pakistan

Heading up to the northeast of The Punjab this time of year may be a little chilly, but the crisp temperatures and the magical early winter sunsets only add to the picturesque quality of this historic Pakistani cultural stronghold.

Having been presided over by a variety of imperial influences in its estimated 2,000-year history, Lahore forms a fascinating conglomeration of urban elements, standing apart from its mountainous neighbouring regions.

The Old Town provides some of the best Instagram opportunities, especially the Lahore Fort citadel, which not only possesses a smorgasbord of design features, but great views of the sunlight gently illuminating surrounding sights including the Minar-e-Pakistan and the Badshahi Mosque.

2) Kiev, Ukraine

Perhaps one of the most underrated and thus surprising cities on the list, Kiev is a captivating mélange of medieval, 19th century gothic revival, imposing Socialist Classicism and post Cold War European architecture, bisected by the tranquil Dnieper River, creating many opportunities to click a winning shot.

The capital’s confluence of cultures over the centuries has led to a welcoming atmosphere filled with diverse experiences. In the morning you can hike up to the 11th century Pechersk Lavra monastery before listening to free concerts featuring music from The Beach Boys at Mariinsky Park and wandering over the nearby Love Lock Bridge.

3) Seoul, South Korea

As diametrically opposed ends of the same land you are unlikely to find than North and South Korea. While reports from above the 38th parallel tell of an oppressive and grey environment below the border the southern capital Seoul makes every effort to encourage creativity and to a large extent, harmony.

From the manicured parks and gardens, to the signs on the streets reminding people to love one another, to the murals adorning everyday walkways and tunnels, you’re never far from a colourful and fun Instagram background.

Throw into the mix, the indie feel of the city’s hilly Itaewon district and some of your pics could be so busy you may even turn out not to be the centre of attention. Sacre bleu.

4) Stone Town, Zanzibar

A hop, skip and a jump away from the UAE, this African island forming part of Tanzania has something of the familiar about it, not least because of its historic ties with our neighbours, Oman.

Arabian style buildings, bazaars and even national dress will make you feel at home but it is the old part of Zanzibar City, Stone Town, which is a hodgepodge of a variety of characteristics, we feel sets the best scene for a post.

Head to the area around the house where Queen frontman Freddie Mercury was born or lose yourself in the meandering back streets: home to traders, small restaurants and gregarious indigenous families.

5) The Highlands, Scotland

If you’ve seen Netflix’s The Crown, then you’ll no-doubt be aware of the Queen’s affection for her Balmoral Castle summer residence in the Scottish Highlands. This admiration stretches back generations. Queen Victoria called it paradise in the Highlands.

The rugged land of the Balmoral Estate provides a mystical quality to any picture. Red squirrels, red deer and grouse with Lochnagar as a backdrop? How regal.


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