Sugar consumption is having a significant impact on world health. And sugary drinks and treats are a big part of the problem that has resulted in a staggering 19 percent of the UAE population living with diabetes.

Cookery writer Susanna Booth is doing her bit though, putting her polymer chemistry degree to good use by creating sugar-free goodies that don’t sacrifice taste, in new recipe book, Sensationally Sugar Free.

With sugar playing “a big role in a lot of baking”, Susanna had to come up with a way of adding texture and crunch – which sugar provides – as well as sweetness.

The key, she says, is to accept that sugar-free desserts will taste different to sugar-laden versions of the same dish.

Susanna, who uses apple puree and sweeteners like Stevia and naturally sweet fruits instead, said: “If you put my carrot cake next to another carrot cake that was made with sugar, you would notice how much less sweet it is. But actually, most of the time, you don’t really want loads of sweetness. In a way, I think you just become accustomed to it.”

Although her recipes are not completely sugar-free, Susanna “cooks from scratch”, so she can keep track of how much sugar she and her family are eating.

“I think it’s better to try and reduce as much as you can,” she says. “Any step is a step in the right direction because I think we are eating too much sugar.”


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