Ace director Shekhar Kapur on Sunday questioned the censoring of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati, saying while Mr. Bhansali was a great filmmaker, he was never a political one.

“I know the filmmaker. I know the film and you know the film. The intention of the filmmaker was not to create a storm, create a controversy. He is a great filmmaker, but he has never been a political filmmaker,” Mr. Kapur said.

“There are fractured lines in our society that are obvious because India, as a society, is in an absolute and desperate flux,” Mr. Kapur said, putting in context the controversy surrounding Padmavati.

Replying to a question on historical films and narrating his own experiences during the making of Elizabeth, Mr. Kapur said that history was a constant interpretation of facts.

“I am not saying it is wrong. This is how history works. In India, till the British came, we believed in mythology, not in history,” he said.

“What’s our history? Gandhiji today is a saint for us. He’s not a man, he is a Mahatma with an halo around his head. The sense of history in India is a moral tale, it’s not a factual one. Moral tales are interpreted to make it relevant to the present,” said Mr. Kapur.


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