The jazziest truck on the block, Buns of Steel, or as famously dubbed, B.O.S, has parked its massive GMC wheels on the grounds of Sharjah’s most iconic live entertainment zone, Al Majaz Amphitheatre, making it the very first food truck in the region.

The retro-inspired food truck housed in a GMC school bus has cooked up its menu to offer signature dishes that will satisfy the appetites of adventurous food explorers; it offers double-smoked beef sliders dressed with garlic jalapeno aioli sauce, fried chicken sliders, butter chickpea masala bunny chow, crispy skinny fries alongside fizzy beverages for a complete soul food experience.

For desserts, deep-fried honey dough balls and ice cream cones topped with various rich sweet sauces, Ferrero Rocher, vanilla, pistachio or strawberry cheesecake, are offered to fulfil the sweet cravings of sugar lovers.

The Buns of Steel food truck will serve its drool-worthy street food to coincide with special events taking place at Funoon District in Al Majaz Island, Sharjah.

The iconic open-air amphitheatre entertains theatrical and musical performances, food festivals, artistic and cultural exhibitions which light up the circular corners of the Roman-inspired 7,238 square metre space.

“Our food truck offers a unique experience to foodies in the region because of the energetic and light-hearted personality that our staff bring to the table; it exuberates a spirit of adventure and liveliness, even welcoming you right into our dining area at the back of the bus,” said Abdulla Al-Ketbi, owner of Buns of Steel.

“This exciting meals on wheels concept was sparked by my desire to create a soulful and adventurous street food experience without compromising on fresh quality and the creative and cultural personality of Sharjah itself,” added Abdulla.

Restaurant Secrets Inc, a leading Dubai-based F&B consultancy helped conceptualize, incubate and operate this unique food truck concept – past successes include several cafés and restaurants such as Backyard BBQ, Jolie Café, The Hamptons, Sushina, Duchess, Mitts and Trays, and the newly opened B’dou Café in City Walk.


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