Things we know: Roger Federer is really, really good at tennis, Roger Federer is suave the way only really, really rich dudes are, and Roger Federer is pretty skilled at putting clothes together.

Your Most Stylish Man of 2016 has the ability to throw on off-duty fits with the same nonchalance as style gods like JFK Jr. or Tom Hiddleston. Whether he’s wearing a cobra-encrusted tuxedo or colorful Nikes with a suede blazer, Federer rarely disappoints.

The third-ranked player in the world also has a keen understanding of how to pull off tennis style in the real world.

Yesterday, while out with his family enjoying the Labor Day holiday, Federer really leaned into the whole off-the-court look by wearing a sweater tied, country club style, around his shoulders.

It’s a grandpa/preppy/douche-tastic romantic comedy villain style move that works on no man, no man that is except the exceedingly elegant Swiss dude. What makes it work? Maybe it’s the sculpted shoulders of a world-class tennis player supporting the draped knitwear.

Maybe his GOAT status gives him cart blanche to wear whatever the hell he pleases. Maybe the guy just knows what he’s doing, by forgoing Nantucket red and opting for monochromatic cooler blues instead.

Federer may be the only dude in recent history to actually look cool wearing a sweater like this, which is to say you probably shouldn’t try this at home. But that doesn’t keep us from finding a regular guy style lesson in this outfit.

Your polo shirt should fit just like Federer’s and the star athlete’s jeans are a masterclass is pulling off white denim after Labor Day.


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