Double Denim

For far too long the double denim look has been ridiculed. No more, we say! We are firm believers that if you are confident to rock a look, then what is to stop you?

That said, before you go completely off the rails with a denim tuxedo, here are some simple rules that’ll have you claiming the double denim look back:

1. Mix and match

The most successful way to wear double denim is to opt for contrasting shades. The polarized tones make it easier to pull of the look, with the differing washes drawing attention away from the similarity of the fabric. Hey, if a good pair of dark denim jeans, a t-shirt and an denim jacket worked for Elvis…

2. Rough them up

The beauty of denim is that it was made to be tough – which means that you don’t have to worry about scu‚ffing it up. Wear your pieces as often as possible and only wash when you’re desperately required to. If you’re going to go double, then you’ll need the right attitude, and worrying about a bit of dirt sure ain’t the right one.

3. Perfect fit

Par of what makes jeans is darn comfortable is their flexibility. So, whether you are planning on layering with a shirt or opting for a Western-style top and jeans, make sure you keep the fi†t of each piece tailored, but never skin tight, you’re not Johnny Ramone.

4. Stay away from the light

It takes a brave man to bust out the pale denim jeans. Our advice is to stay away from the lighter shades, unless you want to look like Jeremy Clarkson. As for white denim, have some self-respect, man!


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