When it comes to fulfilling expectations and demands of the world’s wealthiest, high maintenance travellers, luxury hotel brand, Ritz Carlton Tokyo brand topped the list, according to the poll results published.

According to a global survey, the poll showed that 3,900 consumers from seven countries worldwide, who represented by the top 10 per cent of households by annual income.

In 2018, the New York-based Luxury Institute will be publishing the Global Hotels Luxury Brand Status Index, and respondents in China, Japan, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and the US have been asked to rate 40 luxury hotel brands.

How the Parties Compare

The respondents were asked to rate from 0-10 on statements like ‘This hotel is truly unique and exclusive,’ and ‘This hotel is visited by people who are admired and respected.’

The list of questionnaire evaluates each hotel brand based on their quality, exclusivity, social status and the ability to make guests feel special.

The Report: Poll Results Released

Poll results showed that Ritz-Carlton received the most favourable rating compare to their counterparts, Four Seasons, Fairmont, Oberoi, Mandarin Oriental, Peninsula and Waldorf Astoria. The report also shed light on the travel habits of the world’s most affluent travellers, for whom money is no object.

Wealthy travellers spend an average of 11 nights per year in luxury properties. The countries most likely to report having stayed at a luxury hotel in the past year are China, Italy and the UK according to the report.

82 per cent cited leisure as the main reason for their stay, 66 per cent reported travelling with a spouse or partner, 9 per cent travel for business and 14 per cent said they were solo travellers.


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