US markets ended last week in the black, maintaining its YTD positive performance so far, and mainly affected by a further slip in interest rates.

On the regional front, most of the main indices ended the week on a subdued note, with Egypt’s index being the best performer among its peers, advancing by +2.4% followed by Bahrain +0.9%, and Saudi +0.2%.

The DFM was the worst performer among its peers going down by -1.3%, followed by Oman -0.9% and Kuwait -0.1%, while Abu Dhabi remained unchanged over the same period.

Crude oil continued its upward movement with a W-o-W increase of +3.8%, closing at USD67.31 per barrel.

The positive sentiment in the global markets supported by the increase in oil prices will have its positive effect on regional markets’ performance in the coming period.


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