Ramadan Night Fair

Bright Riders School in Dubai Investment Park will host Ramadan Night Fair on May 25 which will provide residents and visitors an opportunity to experience the Holy Month of Ramadan through an array of cultural, community and family oriented activities.

The night fair will feature a pop-up market where a slew of local vendors will showcase everything from crafts and artworks to fashion accessories and traditional Emirati food. Selected paintings of local artists that celebrate the life and legacy of the UAE’s founding father will also be on display.

Children will meet with Hakawati or a traditional storyteller and listen to Ramadan themed tales while also enjoying art and craft activities such as designing Ramadan lanterns, Eid greeting card, sand painting, bouncy castles and much more.

Embracing the spirit of Ramadan, Dal Al Ber Society will promote cross-cultural understanding and enlighten visitors on the Islamic and Emirati way of life. Other attractions include an Arabic themed Majlis and an exclusive Henna painting section for ladies.

There will also be dedicated ‘play and win’ areas that will run fun games. A free entry event, organized by Exeve, Ramadan Night Fair will start at 8 pm and go on until midnight.


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