For a guy who’s best known for graphic T-shirts and weirdly cut trenchcoats, Virgil Abloh has had a huge year in the world of sneakers.

His Off-White x Nike collection was the collaboration heard around the world, while his own in-house designs have become social currency for fashion-minded folks who can afford them.

Now he’s jumping on the bulky-running-shoe trend cresting everywhere, releasing his own subtle black-and-white take on the style.

Unlike the colorful Balenciaga Triple S sneakers or the Yeezy Boost 700s, these Italian-made kicks are monochromatic and have more in common with the bulky running shoes we’ve seen from Common Projects or Hi-Tec.

But Abloh can’t keep things totally minimal. Off-White’s arrow logo is screen-printed on the middle of the shoe. In other words: These are toned down enough for everyday wear but still pack enough of a punch to turn some heads.

After spending a few years getting his ready-to-wear gear up to snuff and perfecting his use of air quotes, it seems as if Abloh has turned his attention to sneakers.


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