Shopify Integration

Shopify Integration to An ERP — Why This Makes a Difference

For many companies seeking an online presence, Shopify provides an excellent option to create an attractive online and get to market quickly. The use of templates and minimal customisations enable every store to present its own user experience and branding. Underpinning is an ecosystem of features and plug-ins to reduce the cost of setting up the store to quickly monetise the online presence. This makes Shopify one of the most popular e-tailor platforms on the market.

Every store is a journey of continuous development. Once the store is live and volumes begin to grow, there comes a point where success in a competitive market is dependent on many other factors. These include marketing a variety of available product lines, stock management, and return controls, pricing, logistics, responding to market trends, and speed of service among a few.

In this blog, we discuss why Shopify Integration to an ERP such as Odoo or Zoho connected to your Shopify store makes sound business sense.