Dubai Taxi

If you wish to book a taxi in Dubai by phone, you can now use store multiple addresses on the telephone booking system.

The upgraded taxi dispatch system now allows each user to enter up to three addresses — for example, home, office, and others — over the phone.

Before the upgrade, dialling the Dubai Road and Transport Authority’s (RTA) taxi booking line on 04-2080808 only allowed the user to save one address.

“Customers can easily select one of the three registered addresses to complete a booking without speaking to the service staff,” said Abdullah Al Mahri, an official at the RTA’s Public Transport Agency.

The new feature offers clients, especially taxi riders, more flexibility in availing the taxi service,” he added.

Taxis in Dubai are experiencing a “growing demand” fueled by increasing urbanization in Dubai, the official said.

“Such developments warrant increasing the efficiency of the fleet through adding additional features to the system enabling speedy processing of requests through using technology-aided processes,” he added.

A taxi booked in Dubai takes just 14.3 minutes to arrive on an average, up from 20 minutes in 2012, the RTA said.

Meanwhile, response time for calls to the booking system takes 29 seconds.


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