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Samsung Gulf is offering Note 7 buyers three options, including refund, to replace their device despite no issues of battery catching fire in the UAE, sources close to the company told BAWS.

“The options are – exchange a Galaxy Note 7 for a new Note 7, exchange a Note 7 for a Galaxy S7 Edge or refund the full amount whether it is purchased from anywhere in the world with an original bill of purchase,” the source said.

Customers in the US have two options – exchange a Note 7 for a new Note 7 or exchange a Note 7 for a S7 Edge and replacement of any Note 7 specific accessories with a refund on the price difference between the devices, plus Samsung is giving Note 7 buyers a $25 gift card or credit off their carrier bill for their troubles.

Samsung issued a global recall of Galaxy Note 7 on Friday following reports in the US, Taiwan and South Korea of the phone exploding during or after charging.

The Korean company confirmed 35 instances where Note 7 devices caught fire: 17 cases each in the US and Korea and one in Taiwan.

“Customers are advised to go into the retailer they bought the device from or call Samsung Helpline on 800-7267864. Samsung will issue more clarity on the subject within the next few days on their website. There may be a delay in providing the free replacement of approximately three weeks,” the source said.

Customers are advised to back up their data before handing over the device for replacement.
The source said that Samsung takes customers’ safety more seriously rather than sales.

Samsung is committed to producing the highest quality products and take every incident report from its valued customers very seriously.

The company said it has not found a way to tell exactly which phones may endanger users out of the 2.5 million Note 7s already sold globally.

Models in China feature a different battery and are not being recalled by Samsung.

“We acknowledge the inconvenience this may cause in the market but this is to ensure that Samsung continues to deliver the highest quality products to our customers. We are working closely with our partners to ensure the customer experience is as convenient and efficient as possible,” source said.

Samsung Gulf has already pulled out the existing stocks from the market and the market is dry.

The Ministry added that for more inquiries, customers can contact its helpline on 600522225.


  1. I have purchased a Samsung Galay Note 7 from Jumbo electronics, Hamdan street, Abu Dhabi on 15th August 2016.

    Due to the recent incident happend with this device Samsung made an official announcement that they will conduct a global recall of this device sold till date and replace it with a new device. However those customers who wants a refund, samsung will fefund their full money back along with any samusng original accesories that are purchased along with.

    When i called Samsung call center to register my name and mobile no they agreed to refund me back the money, just i need to visit Jumbo electronics the same store where i purchased my device with original Box and bill and they will do the needful.

    I called Jumbo electronics Hamdan St. today morning and they informed me that they have not received any confirmation from samsung regarding the refund. When i call ghe samsung call center again after that one of the representative confirmed me that there is no news of Refund only replacement will happen.

    The statement is changing from time to time with Samsung call center. Now its not clear to me whether my money will be refunded or not?

    I am writing this to you if you could highlight the above issue.

    Below details of my device.

    Device name: Samsung Galaxy Note 7
    Model no: SM-N930FD
    Serial No: RF8H72V9PRF
    Date of purchase: 15.08.2016

  2. It seems, Samsung is only offering to replace with Note 7 device , unlike in US they are offering a replacement with S7 or s7 edge aswell plus an addition 25USD credit , why is the same not being offered in UAE..

    Can’t this be raised with the consumer forum or ministry of economic affairs?

  3. Hi , I thought i would write a comment as the 3 options that your article mentions do not seem to be accurate I went to Samsung at Mirdif city centre yesterday with my Note 7 to ask for a replacement and they said that they do not have any and can expect a replacement Note 7 sometime before 31 Dec !
    I immediately called Samsung help line and they advised that I could get a replacement A7 at a different store , as not all stores have stock ? I asked when i could expect the Note 7 as in the store the manager said could be anytime before December and the gentleman on the help line said that is worst case scenario. I asked about the option of refund as I am not prepared to wait that long for a device I paid for with a cheap replacement. I was told i could lodge a complaint and request a refund but it would be a long process and probably the replacement Note 7 would be available by then .I suggested that the only fair course of action would be to refund the money and when the new Note 7 is available offer a discount for the trouble.
    I think offering an A7 is a poor solution as i purchased the Note 7 for its features and therefore as a replacement unit, think it only fair to offer a unit as capable like at least the S7.

  4. Same thing happened to me. I called Samsung during the first week of September. They offered me 3 options:
    1. wait for the replacement units to arrive
    2. they offered a replacement device while waiting for the replacement units
    3 full refund
    I told them that i want a refund instead of a replacement and they told me that they will just give me a call by the end of the month. During the last week of September, I contacted Samsung once again to follow up on my refund since I did not received any updates from them regarding my refund.They told me that they are not offering refund, only replacement and if I want a refund, I should contact the retailer where I bought my note 7 (EROS DIGITAL). So I contacted the Eros Digital Careline and the customer service representative told me that they are not offering any refund. I was so pissed off because Samsung told me to forward my complaint to Eros and now Eros told me that refund is not possible. I have waited for several weeks to settle this problem and now I am at a dead end. I just want my money back. As a final measure, I contacted the ministry of economy and filed a complaint. The ministry of Economy will contact me within 2 to 3 working days. i will just update this post once the ministry of economy has contacted me.


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