Noon has rolled out its first annual ‘Homecoming’ campaign, which includes a flash sale every day as the clock strikes 12am or 12pm, as well as at 9am and 9pm, further slashing prices for a select range of products for a full 12 hours or four hours respectively.

The flash sale products are based on a researched list of highly sought-after items by shoppers in partnership with Noon’s merchant partners. Noon is offering a large assortment of products at competitive rates for customers in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

“Homecoming is more than about shopping. It is about experiencing the joy of finding the right gifts for loved ones, and owning that product you always wanted – at your convenience and pace,” said Faraz Khalid, CEO of Noon.

“This is a perfect opportunity to gain tremendous value through our end-of-year e-sale – through which we deliver maximum value to our customers with the support of our retail partners,” he added.

The product selection by Noon ensures that customers buy only original products at the most competitive rates. This is facilitated through the support of official retail partners, many of whom hold exclusive franchises for products in all categories.


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