Lincoln has further elevated the personally-crafted luxury experience with the introduction of its exclusive Presidential line in the Middle East.

Presidential is the ultimate expression of the Lincoln brand, incorporating the finest materials from around the globe into a refined and exclusive collection of carefully curated themes for each model in Lincoln’s range.

Lincoln’s Presidential Line makes its debut at this week’s 2017 Dubai International Motor Show on the Lincoln stand in Sheikh Saeed Hall.

“We’re extremely proud to bring the Presidential line to the region. We know our Middle East customer has a desire for self-expression and a keen eye for attention to detail, and Presidential line makes this attainable for shoppers across the showroom floor,” said Alex Schaeffer, director for Lincoln Middle East.

There are nine themes in total, inspired by love of the arts, travel, fine food, culture, architecture and fashion, which comprise the 2018 collection. These curated designer themes galvanise premium leathers, appliques, wheels and paints to attract those customers looking for something unique.​

Less than one per cent of rawhides worldwide meet the stringent softness and durability requirements for becoming Venetian leather, making it a truly exclusive Lincoln Presidential offering.

Produced to reveal the natural characteristics of the hide, unique in its lightly-finished, fine-grained texture, Presidential customers will find the exquisite Venetian leather on the seating surfaces, centre console armrest and door armrests.

A specially selected palette of custom, multi-finish, premium paints is designed to enhance the exterior contours and complement the interior beauty of Lincoln Presidential vehicles.

Among them are several ChromaFlair and SpectraFlair paints, which exhibit a wide range of hues depending on the viewing perspective and the angle of the light. As a result, the paint appears to dance.

The rich texture of enchanting woods makes a lasting impression. Ziricote, a heavily grained wood from South America, has long inspired artisans of furniture, musical instruments and yachts.

The ethereal, sparkling effect of Argento wood is achieved by infusing metallic dust between its layers, while exclusive, high-end Venetian leather, Alcantara materials from Milan, provide additional luxury elements for Lincoln clients.

The nine themes available include:


This decadent Lincoln Presidential design theme invites occupants to themselves to a luxurious blend of tasteful textures. Trimmed in Venetian Leather and Alcantara in tempting hues like Truffle and Ganache, the deliciously deep environment evokes a warmth similar to that of enjoying a gourmet cocoa.

Sumptuous seating features the exclusive Linking-L perforation pattern inserts and the Lincoln Star insignia. While rich Ziricote wood, which is often seen in high-end yachts and on fine musical instruments, adds the perfect hint of spice.

Centre Stage​

Inspired by the fashionable theatre scene, this Lincoln Presidential design theme is for those with a flair for the dramatic. In keeping with the energy that rises along with the curtains on opening night, Centre Stage imparts a sense of excitement to every drive with its Jet Black backdrop and vivid Foxfire Red accents.

Luxurious seating trimmed in Venetian Leather with Alcantara inserts feature the Diamond-L perforation pattern, while exotic Black Stripe interior accents, created by layering wood in a specific pattern to enhance the architectural design, also feature.

Modern Heritage

This high contrast Lincoln Presidential design theme features a clean aesthetic and avant-garde styling. Its elegant Vianca White and Jet Black environment with standout Crimson Red stitching on the Venetian Leather connects the rich, storied heritage of Lincoln with the modern vision of its future.

Diamond-L perforation pattern seat inserts add visual interest, while the smooth Alcantara headliner offers an unexpected tactile pleasure.


A symphony of sensations, this dazzling new Lincoln Presidential design theme is inspired by the world of music, sound and style. The deep hues of its captivating interior emulate the velvet sky of twilight as you enjoy the orchestra under the stars.

It’s a celebration of that magical moment when the evening transitions to darkness and the
brilliant shimmer of twinkling high notes gives way to a measured rest – setting the tone for life’s travels.

The spacious interior envelops you in the depths of Rhapsody Blue. Venetian Leather seats featuring Alcantara® inserts with the Linking-L perforation pattern add a grace note, something felt more than heard.

Soothingly smooth Alcantara also wraps the headliner and accents the carpeted floor mats. Carefully placed aluminised silver mesh accents evoke rapid crescendos.


Beautiful mahogany red Venetian leather outfits the interior while Diamond-Wave perforations add a further point of distinction, celebrating the art of travel and capturing the essence of vintage luggage.

The seats feature a diamond weave pattern and khaya wood, laser-etched appliques on the centre console and door panels compliment the exclusive design touches.


This majestic new design theme evokes the contrasting pleasures of the crisp, clean air surrounding the pulse-raising mountain slopes and the welcoming warmth that comforts occupants as they relax and unwind in the après-ski lodge.

Chalet brings these distinctly different settings together with a singular purpose – to awaken the senses to the invigorating luxuries of a magnificent alpine getaway.


Perfect for those with a penchant for sporting refinement, it pays tribute to the heritage of American equine culture with a rich blend of deep, dark tones that evoke the majesty and strength of a champion.

This carefully cultivated interior features Chestnut leather reminiscent of the finest saddles, Venetian Leather in dramatic Jet Black, the gorgeously undulating grain of Chilean Maple wood accents, and a luxuriously soft Jet Black Alcantara headliner.

Lincoln’s exclusive Diamond-L perforation pattern inserts add dimension to the seating. The warmly colored accent stitching honours the relationship between equine and earth.


Deep Merlot and Jet Black leathers accented by Merlot Ash Swirl wood create a delectable depth reminiscent of the lush experiences offered by the world’s most revered vineyards The Venetian Leather seating is finished with the new Lincoln Star perforation pattern inserts, while Jet Black Alcantara imparts the headliner and other interior accents with a sueded feel that’s designed to be savoured.

Yacht Club​

Whitewashed teak and Coastal Blue Venetian leather evoke the luxury and leather found in only the finest yacht clubs and super yachts. The theme is designed to capture the magic of a light breeze and calm seas on a perfect day.


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