$1.1 million and a week off of work. That’s all you need to enjoy a journey aboard the Cloudbreak, a luxury yacht that was docked in Victoria on Tuesday. The Cloudbreak is available to charter for €750,000 per week in the summer before it sails off to the Caribbean for the winter months.

Built by German company Abeking and Rasmussen, the Cloudbreak is a pleasure vessel that can fit 12 guests in six rooms. Those rooms include a master suite, three double cabins and two twin cabins, according to a listing on YachtCharterFleet.

The boat also features a gym, on-deck jacuzzi, beach club, fireplace and a helicopter landing pad all its own. The listing also suggests that the Cloudbreak comes with jetskis, kayaks, a flyboard, windsurfers, wakeboards and scuba diving equipment.

A map available through tracking site MarineTraffic indicated that the Cloudbreak had recently travelled from near South Pender Island before it docked in Victoria. The yacht generated awe, and just a little bit of envy, when it was parked in the provincial capital.

“I don’t know, some movie star? Donald Trump’s boat? I think I’d like to Google it and see who owns the Cloudbreak,” tourist Deb Paputsakis said when asked who she thought owned the vessel.

“Honestly, I think it’s probably a celebrity, maybe, or someone who just has a lot of money and likes to show it off a bit,” said Alicia Farr, a Victoria resident originally from Ontario.


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