Popular internet video calling service Skype has been banned in UAE. The UAE’s telecoms regulator has confirmed that voice over IP calling services have been blocked completely. That means Skype has now fallen the way of other services like FaceTime on iPhone, Viber and, in some cases, WhatsApp Calling.

Why has Skype now been banned? Well, the UAE’s telecoms regulator has repeatedly held the line that all voice over IP services in the UAE must conform to a very strict set of policies, and as it stands only the services provided by the country’s main telecoms operators adhere to the regulations.

So what are your options? If you want to use voice over IP calling features to get in touch with loved ones back home, you may have a tricky time doing it just now.

You can contact other du and Etisalat customers who are using BOTIM or C’Me, which come included as part of many home services available from each operator, however, you won’t be able to connect to friends and family of yours outside of the UAE if they don’t have the service.


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