Woman hugging man and crying --- Image by © Bernd Vogel/Corbis

A woman wants to divorce her husband because she claims he infected her with a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

The Arab woman filed a case at Al Ain Family Court, seeking to be separated from the man after he allegedly slept with other women and gave her gonorrhoea.

The wife said she couldn’t risk being infected with more serious illnesses due to her husband’s infidelity.

She told court officials that she was happy with her husband in the first months of their marriage but the man later changed and he started to go out and return home late at night.

She claims her husband had sex with other women.

“I had suffered from pains and I went to a hospital for an examination,” she said.

“The tests revealed that I was infected with gonorrhoea.

“My husband got the disease from other women he slept with.”

The woman said she consulted her parents about what to do and her father advised her to seek a divorce.

“I want to be separated from my husband because he has been unfaithful to me,” said the wife.

“He infected me with gonorrhoea and I am afraid he may transmit other serious STDs to me.”

The judge said they will hear from the woman’s husband before a verdict is issued.

Lawyer and legal adviser Hassan Al Marzouki says the UAE Personal Affairs law allows a spouse to seek divorce if they have evidence that proves that their partners have STDs.


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