Boogers are gonna happen. We can’t tell you how to stop them, because that’d be detrimental: Boogers are ultimately good for you. They form as a result of excess mucus, in response to any number of biological or environmental factors.

It’s often an indication that the body is adjusting to change. They’re also a cluster of mucus and dirt, formed when the mucus-coated nose hairs trap said dirt particles from entering the lungs.

So, yeah, don’t focus on how to prevent boogers. Focus instead on how to properly remove them. As in, to prevent bleeding, and any need to aggressively pick.

Boogers Are Basically Built-in Air Purifiers

Our respiratory system is lined with mucus all the way from the nose to the lungs. It serves to warm, humidify, and purify the air that we breathe. Typically, mucus does its job unnoticed. But sometimes, it becomes too viscous or copious, and you get boogers aplenty.

Boogers, then, show up for a variety of reasons. One is a humidity shift in the environment, since the air you’re breathing in plays just as much a role in why boogers amass.

Since mucus is produced in the nose it’s going to easily reflect whatever quality of air you’re inhaling. Other times, seasonal allergies can increase the amount of mucus our upper airway and nose produce, and therefore overwhelms its ability to clear effectively.

Picking Is Bad

If boogers get really dry and crusted against the walls of your nasal canal, it’s a recipe for a bloody nose. This can irritate the nasal lining or even cause an infection. The nose has not been able to adequately moisten the passing air.

How to Remove Those Boogers

If your boogers are clinging to your nose walls and are easily extracted, then peace be with you. However, if they’re a little stingier, you may need to take extra measures. If there is no signs of a nasal or sinus infection, prescribe yourself a saline regimen.

This typically will consist of a saline spray or gel. At times if there is an underlying infection of the surrounding skin for overly aggressive cleaning start a petroleum-based product or antibiotic ointment.

A warm washcloth, post-shower may also help, since the boogers might be slightly melted into ooey gooey snot. Also, purchase a new humidifier or purifier for the home.


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