Ah, the thrills of going on a holiday. The mere thought of hopping around from place to place to enjoy sights or spending an entire day doing absolutely nothing on the beach are just some of the things you can look forward to.

For all the excitement you’re about to embark on, ever wondered about the trials and tribulations you may face ahead, or, more importantly, what you may leave behind?

Here are five apps that can help you take care of those hassles, breathe easy and truly enjoy your little escapade.


Want some extra cash? Make like The Transporter. Simply put, AirWayBill allows you to post an item you wish to be delivered; you can check the app and see which ones are to be sent to where you’re going.

Once someone offers to carry the item, you meet up and hand over the item; you can then track your shipment and coordinate with personal ‘courier’ to get in touch with your intended receiver. All for as little as 10 per cent of the item’s value. Great if you have all that spare space in your luggage.


If you need scheduled maintenance, deep cleaning or other similar services for your pod while you’re away, then ServiceMaker is for you. This is great if you don’t have the energy and time to keep your place tidy before leaving. Oh, and they also have moving, handyman and painting services, plus car insurance and party catering.


No, it’s not that film. But if you hate doing the laundry, Washmen can give it to you. On demand. Use their app to schedule pick-up and delivery anytime between 9am to 11:30pm, seven days a week. Affordable pricing and professional customer support guaranteed. And even if you’re away, they have a ‘leave at door’ option. Clean as a whislte.


Works best if you’re heading to unfamiliar territory. With all of its features, you can schedule your rides and be taken anywhere you wish. Also best even in your own country.

Your banking app

Unless you have a gold egg-laying duck, you can magically produce money or can actually survive without any payment form then this will really come in handy when faced with some financial shenanigans. Cash is king, but hey, a formidable back-up won’t do any harm.


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