The next time you want to go on a quick vacation without the hassle of the endless wait for a visa, think Azerbaijan.The country is now leading as one of the favourite destinations for Arab travelers, an emerging destination of choice for tourists searching for unique places to visit and a country that has one of the easiest visa processing systems.

Until recently, Azerbaijan was a stalwart on the ‘Hardest visa to get’ list. Now, the whole process of getting a visa to Azerbaijan has been simplified with applicants being able to obtain visas to the country within three hours, be it a weekend or a holiday.

“This resolution will increase the tourists flow to the country not only for the beautiful autumn season but also for the rest of the year.” Rashid Al Noori, chairman, Representative Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan in GCC.

“Arab tourists take the first position among tourists visiting Azerbaijan, followed by travellers from Russia. In July only, 330,000 people visited the country, and we anticipate that the figure will go up significantly. We expect to inaugurate direct flights from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia to Baku soon.”

Tourism in Azerbaijan contributes 4.5 per cent to the national GDP. Just recently, the country launched the electronic visa, making the process of obtaining correct entry documents a little cheaper and quicker – in three days.

Now, they’ve made it even easier as visitors will have their e-visas in just three hours, be it a weekend or a holiday. Citizens of 93 countries will be able to get the electronic visa for up to 30 days stay in the country.


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