Freshen Up

Whether you’re heading to happy hour straight from the office or stepping off a plane, you can’t always shower. But that doesn’t mean you have to walk around town smelling like a gym sock.

Instead, stash some of these products in your work or gym bag to keep you looking, smelling, and feeling fresh on the go.

Shower Wipes

First things first: Use these body wipes as a quick shower replacement. Throw a pack into your bag for emergency situations, or to freshen up while you travel.

The hypoallergenic wipes use aloe, cucumber, and vitamin E for a soothing pseudo-shower. Wipe them all over, focusing on your armpits, back, and anywhere else you get particularly sweaty.

Febreze On The Run

Shirt starting to get a little funky? Keep a travel-friendly Febreze To Go on hand. The fabric refresher neutralizes bad odors and the light fragrance adds a clean scent to clothes.

Antibacterial Wipes

Keep your hands and face germ-free with natural antibacterial wipes. The wipes will kill the bacteria on your body, which is the root cause of stank. The lemon essential oil also gives a boost of coolness.

Ball Powder

If you know you won’t be able to shower for a while, pat some of this body powder on your feet, lower back, and nether regions.

The talcum-based powder absorbs sweat and odor, while the light scent keeps you smelling clean.

Face Wipes

When you’re mid-flight, tight cabin pressure dehydrates your skin. Stash these in our carry-on for a boost of moisture and quick faux-face wash when you land.
These wipes use vitamin E, which softens your skin, and a signature aqua-lock technology to keep the wipes wet even after you’ve opened the package. We also like how these don’t use artificial perfumes, chemicals, or alcohol.


We don’t recommend you try to mask body odor with a fragrance. You’ll just end up smelling like B.O. and cologne—or a high school locker room.
Instead, use it as a finishing touch after you’ve cleaned up with some of the above steps.
One or two sprays will do the trick. Apply to a pulse point, like your neck or wrists. Just don’t rub your wrists together—it crushes the different notes of the scent.


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