The holiday season is just around the corner. Our roads are expected to see peak traffic as thousands of people take a break to spend some quality time with their loved ones.

Despite the festivities, this is also a time when drivers need to be extra careful on the roads. There is a significant spike in road accidents and fatalities during every holiday period.

Some of the causes of these accidents include heavy volume of traffic, drowsiness, and stress. To help you arrive safely to your loved ones, here are five tips for your trip home from Ford:

1. Prepare Your Car

Before you embark upon your journey, there are some basic checks you can perform to help get your vehicle ready for a long drive. Before setting out, you should check oil levels, wiper fluid, tyre pressures and make sure your tank is full.

SYNC 3 navigation automatically shows you where the nearest service station is when you’re running low on fuel. If you are travelling with children, ensure they are buckled up and use an appropriate child safety seat for their age.

2. Plan Your Trip

Leave plenty of extra time on your trip. Delays are the one thing that you can count on when driving long distances while thousands of fellow travelers are doing the same.

Building in extra time can help keep you relaxed on the drive, and will allow you to take breaks along the way. Remember, the shortest route isn’t always the fastest route, aim to avoid roads that are prone to congestion during peak hours.

3. Pack Smartly

Make sure you have enough water, food, basic medical supplies, and toiletries. Also bring things to entertain yourselves, like music, games, and toys for kids.

4. Divide the Labour

Driving long distances can be tiring so try to take breaks and share the driving. Some people are good at navigating; others couldn’t read a map if they tried. Know who does what well, and divide up jobs by talent and preference.

5. Keep Calm and…

When frustration rises, remember everyone is just trying to get home to their loved ones. Losing your temper will not help the situation. Take a step back, remember the holidays
should be about happiness and reconciliation, and reevaluate your itinerary and ETA.


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