Foggy evenings and mornings are expected to continue in parts of the UAE on Tuesday and on Wednesday.

Forecasters do not see an end to foggy conditions in the UAE as of yet but the good news is it will only affect some parts of the country on Tuesday and Wednesday.

“Foggy weather will affect the coastal areas in the northern part of the UAE and internal areas. This is due to the high pressure over the UAE coupled with calm winds and high relative humidity,” a forecaster from the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology told BAWS.

Dense fog caused visibility to drop to 100 metres in internal, coastal, and western areas on Monday, causing disruptions to at least 28 Dubai-bound flights.

Fog has also been forming quite early recently. The forecaster said Sunday’s fog started forming at 7pm and cleared completely only by 11am on Monday. Motorists are advised to use their fog lights and drive cautiously in areas where visibility is poor.

Moderate westerly to northwesterly winds will cause a slight fall in temperatures on Wednesday while fresh north-westerly winds may kick up dust in most parts of the country on Thursday and Friday.

The seas will be rough on Tuesday and Wednesday.


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