Consistent innovation has always been the key to stay ahead in the game when it comes to the travel industry. Consider the fact that the number of monthly active users on mobile chat apps had overtaken users on social networking apps more than two years ago.

To top it, rapid technological advances in the domain of artificially intelligent solutions such as neural networking and natural language processing have led to the designing of sophisticated chatbots that can simulate human conversations.

It is no wonder then, that 2017 saw chatbots becoming commonplace in the travel industry, they are predicted to completely disrupt an industry which is trying to cater to the ever-growing market demand, and appeal to digitally savvy customers.

Chatbots have an enormous scope for growth and market potential, particularly in the travel industry, where a vast amount of planning and research is required before a purchase.

Let’s have a look at how this transformative technology has the potential to revolutionise the travel sector.

24×7, seamless customer service

Chatbots never sleep, never take weekends off, nor long lunch breaks. People can dream of travel during any time of the day, which means potential leads can come in even at midnight or the break of dawn.

Travel bots are available around the clock, to address queries of customers who have by now got accustomed to instant gratification. By seamlessly integrating chatbots and live agents, one can increase the productivity of their call centre.

Increased customer engagement

According to CIO Today, 64 per cent customers would rather text message than call up customer service, and another 44 per cent prefer texting than being put on hold when they call customer care. These statistics go on to accentuate the fact that chatbots only lead to much better customer engagement than ever.

Enhanced efficiency

With sophisticated, mature chatbots and their faster resolution, one can achieve much higher levels of customer satisfaction and boost their agents’ productivity by involving them in more challenging tasks that involve decision-making. One has the power to transform their travel business into an agile and efficient one, by providing better customer experiences at a lower cost.

More revenue – cross-sell and up-sell

Travel bots can not just function as your improved and efficient customer care centre, but also augment your sales staff’s performance. Based on a potential customer’s travel history or preferences based on previous conversations, chatbots can act like typical salesmen, and recommend relevant options in an intelligent bid to make a sale.

Gather rich data

Since chatbots record every bit of communication exchanged with the users, they can utilise this rich data to get valuable insights about the users’ experience, purchase history, issues faced previously and accordingly, respond to customers in a highly personalised manner.

This way, your organisation has access to invaluable data that can be intelligently analysed, in order to come up with highly personalised and targeted marketing.


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