The Maldives, possibly one of the greatest luxury holidays available. When people picture white sands and cobalt seas chances they are remembering a picture they’ve seen of this breathtaking place. With its warm welcoming seas and beautiful scenery it’s no wonder this place has become known as a paradise to escape to.

The area itself is a geological wonder in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The islands are formed on ancient coral reefs that developed in the waters around prehistoric volcanoes, which have long since sunk into the Ocean, leaving behind the coral islands that form these atolls.

There are a total of 26 of these atolls formed from over 1000 islands meaning it’s a location where it’s easy to lose your self and escape the bustle of day to day life.

The islands are all you’d expect to find when you think of a desert island, with their beautiful tropical scenery, graceful palm trees and crystal clear water. The coral reefs that surround them provide a great opportunity to see exotic sea life too.

Water sports are the dominant activity of choice for those who are visiting for more than just the sunshine and views. The islands boast excellent opportunities for sailing, windsurfing and snorkeling and the crystal clear waters make it one of the most popular diving locations in the world.

In addition to this while out on the waters you can also enjoy the rich fishing available, with the Maldives being such a water based nation most of their food comes from the rich fishing grounds around the islands and many of the resorts offer sustainable fishing excursions.

If you’re feeling less active you could take a trip to one of the many hundreds of uninhabited islands to enjoy lunch on the beach and an afternoon relaxing in the sun. Or you could visit one of the many resort spas dotted around the islands and treat yourself to a day of pampering.

Finally for those who crave a little more civilization while out on the islands the Maldives capital city, Male, is but a short day trip away. It has many fascinating attractions, the former palace the Mule-Aage, a national museum that features incredible artifacts from the area, shops containing beautiful examples of local crafts and the Islamic Center with is gorgeous golden dome being but a few examples.

A trip to the Maldives is an experience that is sure to be treasured by all.


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