If you are an Etisalat business customer, you can now enable WiFi connectivity on the move to all your fleets and vehicles.

With the launch of the M2M in-vehicle WiFi solution, passengers and employees of those fleets and vehicles can enjoy high speed WiFi connectivity, a press release said.

Consumers today require uninterrupted high speed WiFi connectivity at home, office and public areas. Public transportation companies prioritise WiFi access to all passengers to enable them to be more productive while on the move.

The proposition can also be used by students as they travel. Etisalat Digital’s launch of M2M in-vehicle WiFi is to meet this growing demand among its business customers to enable high speed WiFi connectivity to all their passengers, the release said.

The in-vehicle M2M solution makes use of an automotive grade WiFi gateway complying with the necessary protocols to make the service Public Internet Access Provider compliant set by UAE’s Telecom Regulatory Authority.

Through this, Etisalat Digital enables business customers to be a PIAP and offer a certified WiFi solution to their end-users.

The new business solution also enables customers to have real time visibility of the WiFi data consumption. The in-vehicle solution is supported by Etisalat’s M2M control center and nationwide M2M connectivity.

Alberto Araque, Vice President/Internet of Things and Digital Payments, Etisalat Digital, said: “This launch will enhance our telematics offerings in UAE which is in line with the long term vision of the government to enable smart transportation across the country. The solution comes with a flexible business model that helps our Government, Enterprise and Small and medium business customers to easily offer the service to their customers and citizens.”


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