A new logo for the Dubai Expo 2020 logo has been selected and was inspired by a 4,000-year-old gold ring that was discovered in the desert last year.

Even though the Expo authority received 19,000 submissions to be considered from all over the world, Reem Al Hashimi, Director General of Bureau Dubai Expo 2020, told an event in Dubai last night the ring is what “spoke to the leader of Dubai” best. It was found at Sarouq al Hadeed during construction work.

Hashimi said that every one of the 19,000 entries will be featured on the Expo site in 2020.

She said: “We chose the ring because it was very small, but it was very detailed. So it tells you that the ancient civilization that lived under our country was very creative.”

The Dubai Municipality chief Hussain Nasser Al Lootah said that the discovery of the ring was made recently even though the excavation at the Sarung Al Hadid site was started several years ago.

He said: “The artifacts are 4000 years old. We have found 10,000 daggers, jewelry and other artifacts. We have only excavated just five per cent of the site so imagine what we will find in the 95 percent of the remaining.”


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