Traveling together in international teams is a new travel trend that has evolved considerably in recent years. WorldVentures is one of the companies that have focused on the concept, and is currently the world’s largest travel club with over 500,000 members worldwide.

The idea is simple but brilliant. The goal is to offer the traveling and experiences to a bargain price for both ordinary and premium travelers. Members are offered, as opposed to the charter, the opportunity to travel with other people from around the world. This is creating new international relationships between the travel-hungry members. Social Traveling, where it is almost impossible to go home without new friendships with new people.

WorldVentures organizes over 10,000 trips every year, so you are sure to find a trip that suits you whether you’re looking for culture, party or treat restaurant experiences. Or a mix of everything. If you have a heart for volunteering, you can experience it too, Dreamtrips together with World Ventures Foundation offers Swedes who can not afford, but who are interested in volunteering a chance to make a difference. Representatives from all over the world are tied together and there are destinations to a lot of countries such as Mexico, India and Costa Rica to train youth and facilitate family lives.

WorldVentures Foundation volunteer trips to projects around the world where they build schools, implement recycling and educate children of all ages. All who are independent representatives of WorldVentures or members of Dreamtrips have the opportunity to go on these charity trips.

In summary, Dreamtrips is an affordable, socially and exciting alternative for those who want to go on an unforgettable holiday. Community, exclusive discounts and a memory for life is included. Read more about DREAMTRIPS here.


Last weekend, BAWS went on their first Dreamtrip. The destination was Budapest and the expectations were high. We were well received at our fine hotel and got good information for our upcoming days. A welcome meeting made it possible to get to know travelers from around the world on a “Meet & Greet” ceremony. Apart from exploring the city, the night life and the sights, we were able to experience the WorldVentures Foundation’s good work at a orphanage, a spectacular horse show a bit outside the town and several great restaurant visits.

BAWS can warmly recommend you to join Dreamtrips, although it ‘s hard to describe why, it must be experienced. There are an endless number of interesting trips and you pay only a fraction of what it would cost otherwise. Well maintained, fun and definitely worth the money. We let the pictures speak for themselves.

You should be here!

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