This February, love may fade, but PINZA! is here to stay. Deliveroo, the UAE’s most-loved food delivery service, has teamed up with PINZA! – a UAE homegrown concept that is neither pizza nor flatbread, rather a foodie’s solution to a wholesome, hand-kneaded crust, for the chance to create the newest menu item and win a year’s supply of FREE PINZA!

What’s the deal?

Log onto to the Deliveroo app and find the ‘Build Your Own PINZA’ option. From there, you’ll automatically be enrolled in the competition to win FREE PINZA for an entire year! Using the ingredients, the goal is to create the most imaginative and original PINZA.

To make things more interesting, the team at PINZA! have some unexpected ingredients to the menu:

  • Asparagus
  • Sweet Potato Base
  • Mixed Cheese w Truffle
  • Italian Sausage

How about a mashed potato spread with truffle cream and pecorino? Or chili tomato topped with tandoori chicken and asparagus?

What’s the catch?

You only have three weeks! Come up with a creative name for your design and include it in the ‘Dietary Requirements’ section on the app. Users are encouraged to post the images of their creations to social media too using the hashtag #deliverooae. Let the creative juices flow!

In the last week of the month, winners will be selected by the taste-testing committee at the PINZA! headquarters, alongside Anis Harb, General Manager, Deliveroo GCC. The winner’s creation will be included in the PINZA! menu and they will receive FREE PINZA for an entire year!

Do you think you have what it takes?


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