Chris Pratt in Cowboy Ninja Viking

Chris Pratt and Priyanka Chopra’s Cowboy Ninja Viking has been indefinitely delayed.

Universal Pictures has taken Cowboy Ninja Viking off its schedule and undated the movie, which was previously set to release on June 28, 2019, reports

According to several sources, the film is still in active development with Pratt, Priyanka and director Michelle MacLaren remaining on board.

The studio said it will be re-dated at a later time to accommodate production scheduling.
Sources say the studio delayed the film rather than rushing it out to make the June 28 deadline.

Cowboy Ninja Viking is based on the Image Comics graphic novel by A.J. Lieberman and illustrator Riley Rossmo. It was adapted by Dan Mazeau and Ryan Engle.

Craig Mazin wrote an earlier draft of the screenplay with an original version by Paul Wernick and Everett David Reese.

The novel revolves around an assassin who manifests the toughest skills of three different personas: a cowboy, a ninja and a Viking.


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