Chef Aris began his culinary career with formal training in France and the United Kingdom. Working in world-renowned restaurants have given Chef Aris the opportunity to see the world but also gain culinary knowledge from internationally acclaimed and Michelin-starred chefs.

Some of the restaurants and chefs that Chef Aris has worked for are the luxurious Disneyland hotel in France, the California Silicon Valley farm, Sent sovi Saratoga and molecular gastronomy Chef Scott Boswell. Through his time spent in Europe, he has experienced the foundation of European cuisine.

In 2013 his desire for excitement and exploration of unique culinary exhibition brought him to the United Arab Emirates. After helping to build strong foundations for the Ritz Carlton and French restaurant Brasserie Flo, Chef Aris branched out to manage Paul Restaurant’s 25 branches in the UAE.

Currently, Chef Aris works as the Executive Chef of Maison de Juliette, a French restaurant located in La Mer, Dubai. His philosophy on cooking was inspired by simplicity and using the best ingredients to give each guest an unforgettable gastronomic experience. According to him, he aims to create stunning and delectable food that is attainable to all, but with a sense of elevation and refinement.


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