Before you step into that beauty or fitness centre, ensure it is licensed or else you could land in hospital. The Ministry of Health and Prevention has cautioned people against risks from malpractices carried out by unlicensed medical practitioners.

The warning is aimed at raising awareness among the community, and to protect all individuals from such malpractices – including medical equipment used in unlicensed beauty centers.

It is also to safeguard people against nutritional supplements that carry bogus therapeutic claims and hormonal supplements offered in fitness centers that don’t have the necessary licensing.

Dr Amin Hussein Al Amiri, assistant undersecretary for public health policy and licensing at The Ministry of Health and Prevention, noted that unlicensed cosmetic procedures can lead to serious complications.

Most of these procedures are being conducted by non-specialized professionals, with no medical background, who use poor-quality cosmetic products and operate in environments that lack hygiene and proper sterilization.

Some beauty centers outside the licensed health institutions may temporarily employ visiting doctors or cosmeticians who bring in low-quality cosmetics, and conceal patient medical reports. This sort of malpractice is a criminal offense and is deemed punishable.

Dr Al Amiri also spoke about popular procedures such as Botox and fillers, in addition to unmonitored use of laser procedures.

He noted that some people working in the field of beauty do not have any form of medical education, and they perform procedures in which they do not specialize. Some fake practitioners even offer home-based services, he added.

The assistant undersecretary pointed out that some fitness centers sell and promote supplements that claim to achieve enhanced muscles, under trainers who lack experience and are unaware of the risks posed by these products.

This can lead to a number of complications that affect the liver and kidneys. We have noticed an increasing number of hospitalizations as a result of consuming these medications, and mainly the injectable hormones, he added.

Dr Al Amiri explained that the ministry has worked out a plan to implement strict framework for better monitoring of requirements for medical practices.

He explained that the Empowerment and Health Compliance Department has appointed a specialized team to conduct regular inspections of all medical facilities to ensure full compliance with the rules.

When instances of malpractice are uncovered, security authorities conduct seizures, with violators transferred to the appropriate judicial authority, he warned.

He called on patients seeking cosmetic treatments to consult professionals in licensed establishments, to protect their health and save their money.

People must contact the ministry if they see any misleading advertisements or know of any malpractice being conducted outside of licensed health facilities.

Community members can get in touch by using the toll-free number 80011111, via the Tamenni Portal, or by contacting the police.


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