Dream Job

Sometimes, it is hard to figure out what you want to do or the skills needed for a certain field.

Here are some apps to help!

iPQ Career Planner

If you aren’t quite sure which career path you want to walk down, iPQ Career Planner’s 52-question assessment helps you recognize your strengths and weaknesses, shows you how to address them, and suggests matching jobs and careers.


Hearing people’s experiences can be a great way of figuring out your career path. LunchMeet – an app that works through LinkedIn – hooks you up with others in the same area who are also available for lunch, coffee, or drinks. You can then use the in-app messaging feature to arrange a meeting.

Hidden jobs

About 80 per cent of jobs can’t be found in the newspaper or on job boards. Hidden Jobs tracks close to two million unadvertised jobs from organisations that are expanding and making the news.

The Job Interview Questions

The scariest moment for job hunters is the job interview. The app will throw questions at you and provide you with tips on how to answer the question more effectively. You can also record yourself so you can watch your delivery and make notes on how you can improve.


The app allows you to read anonymous reviews from current and former employees of the company and its management to help you get a sense of the corporate climate. You can also browse salaries to compare how your offer fares with typical company pay. The app also has lists of current job openings and testimonials on the interview process for a given company.


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