Luxury…decadence… opulence…lavishness…extravagance…

If these are words of comfort and joy to you, then you will appreciate these little tips to add extra luxury to your life.

Even if you dream of having luxury in your life and you KNOW your inner self appreciates decadence but somehow you haven’t yet managed to surround yourself with a lavish environment, read on – these tips are for you, too.

Catering or Custom vs. Grocer: The difference in quality between the average fare at a grocer and that at a boutique deli or catering company can be significant. For a slightly higher price, you can enjoy beautifully made and presented little garnished sandwiches vs. egg salad slapped between two pieces of white bread, for example. For those with a budget, this special treat can be just that – a once in a while treat. Almost always, however, springing for the better quality option, whether meat or fresh fruit or flowers, is well worth the investment in the way it makes you feel. Often, you need less of a higher quality item, and the satisfaction level of consuming far outweighs the mediocre experience of consuming the, well, mediocre product. Consider, for example, buying a few exotic fruits to try rather than the usual bag of apples and a bunch of bananas.

The Better Deal: There is a big difference between being cheap and being smart with your money so you can keep more of it. Savvy wealthy people know that even though they have plenty of money, it’s better off in their own pockets than someone else’s. Your money can’t make you more unless it’s still in your possession. There are many ways to live a lavish lifestyle without paying the retail asking prices for such decadence. People who care well for their money rarely pat retail; they know people who can help them out and get them a better price on things; they negotiate from a point of strength (they really mean it when they say ‘I will leave and buy this elsewhere), and they know where to shop. If there is something you want, do a little internet homework (or have your kids do it, since your time is valuable), and you will invariably find you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars for your trouble. This applies to first class travel, designer clothing and jewelry, home furnishings and just about everything that is available for purchase or hire. This way, you’ll keep more of your money for other fun purchases.

Extras: Sometimes the most decadent things are not the most expensive. In fact, since we humans ‘create’ the idea of value by putting price tags on things, you can sometimes find overlooked bits of luxury that not everyone thinks to pay or charge a fortune for. Examples here include fresh flowers, delivered groceries, gourmet coffee, home spa products, satin sheets, decadent throw pillows or blankets, off-lease luxury cars, and eBay finds such as brand new designer items people have received as gifts and don’t want or need. For the creative person with not a lot of wealth (yet!), you can truly surround yourself with luxury as you build your dream world.


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