Venture into childhood and spring out the good ol’ days, the shoes from your childhood are having a major moment right now. Move past the lace-ups and complicated feet jewels, easy-to-slip-into and velcro fasteners are 2017’s brand new entrants to own.

Whether you wear them to brunch or a Tinder-date-gone-wrong, here are our top 7 sneaker contenders that’ll put your lacing systems to shame!

Marcello & Ferri Blade Sole Sneakers

With this easy-to-slip-into pair, UK-based brand Marcello and Ferri has their design aesthetic on offer. These sneakers are dark, edgy, minimal but most primarily, the most comfortable and tasteful shoes out there.

For all-black fanatics and the monotone crew, this classic toned sneaker is a real must-have. For the rest, no matter your apparel choices, this basic black sneaker will suffice all your needs!

Puma Basket Sneakers

Of course, we had to find you an alternative of the laced white sneaker. Those perforations on the skirts are bonafide-Puma, so you’re not going to look wannabe, only uber-stylish and spiffy. As a style thumb rule – experiment with prints, patterns, textures, fabrics on the apparel front. Simply go all out!

New Balance Rush Grey Sneakers

Here’s a fact- the colour grey is superbly versatile when it comes to outfit pairings. But what if you play safe and don’t like testing waters? Then, blues and whites will be your best bets to pair the colour with.

Invest in chinos, hop on a pair of jeans and if you’re in the mood for sports-luxe, bring out a pair of well-cut trousers.

HRX Navy Blue Sneakers

Feather-light, an every day shoe and one that wades away your Monday blues, Hrithik Roshan’s footwear brand makes practical pairs that are highly trendy. Incentive? They pair best with fashion basics, so while your style quotient stays high, you’re hardly dropping the cash. Plus, the texture play on the shoe surface is all the drama you need!

ALDO Colour-block Sneakers


Coming off a brand that’s known for its unparalleled quality, minimal designs and evergreen shades, this colour-blocked genius is a bang for your buck.

Summer’s almost here, the sun is in full bloom, so undeniably your outfit hues are only going to get brighter. But don’t fret, this earthy-toned pair will keep the colours grounded!

Adidas Originals Printed High-tops


This off-duty favourite of every A-list celebrity is one print you’d need to channel comrade-chic. The camo print is a uniform you’ve been wearing since decades, but maybe not on your feet.

United Colours of Benetton’s Chartreuse Yellow Sneakers

A fresh-new hue for a brand-new you. Its affordable, it’s trendy, experimental enough and has pieces that’d really last someone the long mile. And well, this stand-out piece in perspective, is here to put your summer colours to shame.


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