Yeah, job hunts can be frustrating, if you are looking to move to Dubai. It can take a toll on you if you have been searching for weeks or even months with no leads. One of the biggest challenges of the job hunt is staying motivated while you don’t receive interview calls.

Here are some tips to keep your motivation levels high during these testing times:

Get realistic

While being optimistic is a good virtue, get realistic and apply only for jobs that fit into your expanded skill set. Applying for random jobs will stress you out as you receive rejection emails not suiting their requirements. Also, make sure not to shortchange yourself in terms of salary, just because you are getting desperate.

Take breaks and exercise

Do not spend the whole day on your laptop browsing for jobs on search portals. Take a break from your job search and set aside time for activities like hitting the gym, going for a run to pump up your endorphin.

It goes without saying that good physical health contributes to positive mental outlook. Apart from couple of hours each day, keep away from your machine at least one day a week to clear your mind.

Be open to constructive criticism

Find that one friend, ex-colleague, ex-boss to list down your criticism. Run your elevator pitch through them, get your resume sharpened or rehearse your interview answers – all these will only help you project yourself better in the next interview.

Network and update your social profiles

Marketing expert Porter Gale said, “Your network is your net worth” and her words couldn’t be truer. Make it an everyday task to reach out to two contacts each day. Also, update your profile and share relevant posts on networking platforms like LinkedIn.

Learn something new

While you are on a break waiting for your next big opportunity, take up a hobby you always wanted to but never could. Cook, paint, learn a guitar or take up gardening – pursue the things you didn’t have time for. It will give you the satisfaction of achieving small milestones each day.

Stay positive

Right things happen at the right time. There might be days when you might not get any calls or email replies but do not let that stress you. It is important to have a positive attitude and keep yourself pumped up by reading aspiring biographies, success stories, self-help books and surrounding yourself with the people who mean well.


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