Dubai is very well placed in the Middle East and you’re just a hop, skip and a jump from all the major destinations in the world be it Europe, India or Africa.

But to celebrate 2017, instead of jumping on a plane to go to your next travel destination why not opt to drive yourself there instead?

We tend to forget how much there is to see just in the GCC itself. In a release from Holiday Me here are five short trips you can take.

Abu Dhabi, UAE – Al Gharbia, UAE

Want to experience UAE’s most adventurous off-road driving? Head to Al Gharbia, the municipal region of Abu Dhabi, and you will not be disappointed at all. The three and half hours long journey offers incredibly dramatic scenery including the magnificent sight of the largest dunes, this side of the Sahara. Along its hundreds of kilometers long coastline are fabulous beaches and islands while its revered history is encompassed with myriad of ancient forts. Al Gharbia is sparsely populated and also home to UAE’s rarest wildlife.

Bahrain to Kuwait

Spectacular views on the way aided by a uber smooth drive and lip-smacking food, a road trip from Bahrain to Kuwait promises you all of it and so much more! The promise begins with grand views of the sea in the very first lap of your journey from Bahrain to Kuwait. Imagine 25 kms of super smooth drive, thanks to the King Fahad Causeway, with breath-taking views! Exhilarating! Make sure you carry all the relevant documents – right from identification papers to car. While you might find the drive a little drab with deserts and acres of desert for your company, the smooth-as-butter drive makes up for it!

Once in Kuwait, feast on a local fish specialty “zbey-di”, a delightful variety served fresh almost only in Kuwait. You could also go shopping at one of oldest and traditional markets in downtown Kuwait, El Mbarkeya souq. Make sure your bargaining skills are on point, as you will find great things to take back home. If you have time, do explore the museums, parks and malls of this beautiful city. However, don’t forget to click a selfie at the gorgeous ‘Kuwait Towers’ before you head back home.

Doha, Qatar – Zekreet, Qatar

If you thought GCC countries are all glitz and boast of an arid landscape, you couldn’t be more wrong! Even though the architectural excellence is the high point of most GCC countries, it doesn’t necessarily define them. For instance, if you plan to take this exhilarating road trip from the capital city of Qatar, Doha to Zekreet village, you will be greeted by the prehistoric bird creature -Ostrich sprinting along beside you.

The ostrich’s roam-free farm of Zekreet is the biggest in the region. Drive a little further and you’ll find the Oryx farm. You can visit and view the royal deer-like creatures with their typical sloping horns. That is not all – Zekreet is also home to amazing rock formations and views. Keep driving to see what you can capture in your DSLR.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – Dammam, Oman

One of the longest road trips on our list, Riyadh to Dammam, is sure to satiate even the most critical case of wanderlust. Trust us, this is one trip that you can’t go wrong with! While the new Saudi-Oman highway is all set to reduce the distance between these countries, for now, you could enjoy the road-tripping to Oman via UAE.

Your rewards as you pass through Riyadh towards Dammam, you ask? Charismatic coastal towns, nature reserves, vivid mountain ranges and plenty of opportunities for trekking, fishing and bird watching and so much more!

Amman to Wadi Rum

If road-tripping the entire country in the span of two weeks seems impossible; my friend, you haven’t visited Jordan yet. Well, not with the intention of scaling it in your SUV at least. While the whole idea might sound too ambitious to a road-trip noob, one can definitely try and not miss driving up to Wadi Rum or the valley of Moon, a 74000-hectare property, from the capital city – Amman.

This protected valley boasts of lofty sandstone mountains, rugged river beds and steep gorges, all coated in a kaleidoscope of natural rock colors right from faint pinks to vivid reds. It takes roughly 4 hours to arrive at Wadi entrance. You can opt for a guided tour, a popular way to explore this gorgeous set up. A typical 2-hour tour includes beingn driven in a 4×4 with a bedouin driver, a 30-minute camel ride and a visit to Bedouin tent to meet the friendly locals


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