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Unconventional, progressive, experimental – these are three words which sum up the newly launched Dazed Beauty, a magazine and online platform with a radical agenda for which make-up artist Isamaya Ffrench is the creative director.

In an exclusive interview with CNN Style, Ffrench outlines how she plans to challenge a traditional beauty industry while at the helm of the new publication.

Collaborating with make-up artists, photographers, digital technicians and creatives, the magazine aims to redefine the beauty magazine through a series of unusual and eye-catching photoshoots, think pieces and videos.

Ffrench on how she wants to challenge the traditional concept of beauty:

“Until now beauty has been very two dimensional. I want to make the bridge to 3D. We have a unique opportunity here to work with CGI and digital artists to transform current ways of talking and looking at beauty. The magazine will be led by music or graphic design rather than lipsticks or foundation.”

On breaking away from a beauty industry controlled by big brands:

“Sure, brands define what is beautiful, but what we are finding is that people in fact have very different concepts of what beauty is. It is personal and it moves you, and it is important for us to create a space where those experimental ideas can be expressed.”

On how her unconventional introduction to the beauty industry has meant she is uniquely placed to understand this alternative vision:

“My background is in industrial design and face-painting, and so when I started doing make-up, I came to it from this very different perspective. And I think I brought a sense of humour to it.”

On finding a narrative for each project she works on:

“Initially, I was happy to just produce content on aesthetics, but that exhausted itself after a while and things needed more meaning. It’s finding that sweet spot where you’ve done something unconventional, but it still appeals to a mass audience, it is so easy to go over the top.”

On her excitement for the launch of Dazed Beauty:

“We don’t have a fashion incentive, there are no seasons and there’s no need to shoot a certain collection or appease a PR company. I’m lucky that I get to work with so many great photographers – people like Mert and Marcus, Stephen Klein and Daniel Sannwald, but in the past, it was always in a restricted way, there was always a third party we had to tick a box for, but now we can do what we want.”

On what content to expect from the new magazine:

“There will be branded content, but a lot of beauty brands are sometimes confused as to what is cool and relevant. Hopefully we can engage in that relationship. We shall [also] be working with techy people on facial algorithms and digital mapping. I’m really enjoying 3D make-up, that’s much more progressive and interesting for me.”

Source: CNN


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