Just like clockwork, the party season is once again upon us as we wind down to enjoy the festive period. It’s that time of year for getting suited, booted and suitably inebriated – and we’re here to ensure you’re the best-dressed guy in the room.

In a sea full of suits, it can often be a challenge to subtly stand out. Aside from nailing the basics – perfect fit, polished shoes, well-proportioned tie knot etc. – a touch of creativity and some considered attention to detail will elevate your style above bog standard tailoring.

Here are three ways to boost your festive season style that are easy to implement yet so often overlooked or simply not thought of…

1. Tuxedo Separates

Step up your party attire by applying your suit separates know-how to your tux. Mix things up by pairing your black or navy jacket with grey trousers or make a more daring move with an unconventional dinner jacket – burgundy would certainly be my personal recommendation here; velvet also makes for a timelessly sophisticated choice – anchored with more unassuming legwear.

If the dress code is more smart-casual than full formal, consider coupling your tuxedo jacket with denim, preferably dark, for an eye-catching high-low combination.

2. Patterned Trousers

Tailoring has moved away from block-color monotony of late with pinstripes staging a comeback and checks redefining the smarter side of our wardrobes. A check suit would certainly be worth some consideration for standing out during the upcoming party season but, equally, you can swap in separates for less formal event and occasions.

There are several ways of trying your hand at this one, depending on just how comfortable and confident you are with experimenting. The easiest way to wear patterned legwear would be to team windowpane check trousers with a complementary, neutral-colored blazer – grey and navy, and black and grey, are two color combinations that every man can pull off effortlessly.

Alternatively, you could opt for some on-trend tartan or a similarly colorful check to create a bolder ensemble. As always, aim for a pleasing contrast with a jacket in a more classic, less attention-grabbing block-color that complements the palette of your trousers.

3. Fine-tuning Accessories

Attention to detail is so often the mark of a discerning man who knows his way around a wardrobe – and nowhere is this more evident than when it comes to formal dressing.

That said, accessorizing with care is crucial to taking your party tailoring up a level. Pile on too much and it comes across affected and try-hard. As well as a tie and pocket square, consider finishing your festive party look with these two game-changing additions:

The Cardholder

Too often overlooked and underappreciated, the wallet is an afterthought for many of us, prized for its function rather than form. Stuffed with receipts and loyalty cards and weighed down with unnecessary mounds of change, it’s rare that we think about the effect these receptacles have on our overall look.

Large, overfull wallets ruin slim lines by billowing out our trouser or jacket pockets with unnecessary bulges. Is all that excessive baggage really needed in the day to day (let alone when attending a party)? It’s time to ditch the bulky billfold and invest in a slim, stylish cardholder to carry your evening essentials.

Leather really is the leader when it comes to picking a style, so choose a smooth or grain leather version in black, brown or tan if you’re a classicist, or try a coloured option for something more contemporary.


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